A 3D-rendered image of the first cellphone I owned (A Sony Z-1). Modelling done in Fusion 360, and texturing, lightning & rendering done in Keyshot.

Some of the illustrations are hand drawn/hand painted and some are made with electronic tools. Most are made as personal side-projects/old school assignments due to the fact that I really don’t push myself as a content creator. Perhaps I should?
Left: some line drawings for a personal project.  Right: a hand painted gouache thingie made during my studies in Bournemouth, UK.

A tank modelled in Fusion 360, and the rendering is halfway (well…) done in Cinema 4D.

I accidentally found the very first camera I owned in the basement, and thought to myself: this would make a great item to use as a base for learning more about 3D-modelling. So, off I went into trying to master Fusion 3D & Keyshot.

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